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Shiver me timbers! Couple becomes mateys for life

Arrgh! The treasure map reads: you are to be shanghaied July 1 for Dave and Elaine’s Pirate Wedding.

And shiver me timbers! A barnacle barge made its way across Tichigan Lake carrying a bevy of buccaneers that included the likes of Cap’n Jack Sparrow (alias Dave Reynolds) and his wondrous wench, Elaine Luisier, surrounded by a gauntlet of skull and crossbones flags snapping in the breeze.

Sometimes last Christmas, the Honey Creek, Wis. couple decided to walk the plank and become mateys for life in a pirate-themed wedding celebration.

“I told her, ‘You’re marrying me and that’s the way it’s going to be,’” Dave said. They thought they’d like to have the wedding on Lake Tichigan, since that was where they first met. And it was where Dave drew Elaine a picture that won her heart.

“I’ve always been into skulls,” Elaine said, explaining that when they met, Dave said he was an artist. She said he drew the most beautiful, detailed skull she had ever seen.

“One of her friends said, ‘Why don’t you have a pirate wedding?’” Dave said.

The idea took on a life of its own from there. Rochester jeweler Brian Popp, owner of Angel Acres Jewelry and Gift, designed and made the matching skull wedding bands.

Dave’s mom, Toni Jackson, stitched up a storm. She sewed skull-themed bags for the flower girl and ring bearer as well as numerous parts of pirate cos-tumes for the bride and groom, herself, and other family and friends.

“It turned into this big pirate fever,” Dave said.

Dave and Elaine and their guests dressed in pirate garb. Even the justice of the peace, area attorney Tim Daley, wore a monk’s robe as the couple exchanged vows – and matching gold rings featuring skulls with ruby eyes.

One of the few things the wedding did not feature was pirate food. After some research, Elaine discovered that pirates pretty much ate anything, including rat stew.

“Whatever was dead, they put it in there,” she said. “I was going to serve pirate food, but I thought – nah.”

They settled for playing Celtic-themed music, singing, dancing and having a great time.

Later this fall, Cap’n and Mrs. Reynolds will cross the high seas to England for their honeymoon.

Perhaps they’ll take a pirate ship.

(Photo courtesy of Dave and Elaine Reynolds)


I'm a writer, editor, photographer and artist living in rural Southeastern Wisconsin. I grew up in Chicago, made my way to the deep woods of Northern Minnesota and then landed here among the cornfields and cows. It's quite simply my happy place.

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